Featured Buskers

Street performers entertain and dazzle guests year round during the Sunsets at Pier 60 Daily Festival.  During the Sugar Sand Festival, two guest performers are flown in from around the world to amp up the entertainment offerings! Check out the Opal Sands Street Theater Experience during your visit to the 5th annual Pier 60 Sugar Sand Festival April 14th-23rd 2017!


Wacky Chad

Laugh until it hurts as stunt comedian and former Super Bowl and America’s Got Talent performer, Wacky Chad rides on his tiny bicycle and handstands on a skateboard. Wacky Chad will reach neck-straining heights during the Pier 60 Sugar Sand Festival on his tall unicycle and will defy gravity on an air powered pogo stick. Prepare to be amazed!


The Nicholas Tweedy show is not your typical magic show. Nick is a mentalist first and magician second.  At the Pier 60 Sugar Sand Festival, you will see some of the most unbelievable demonstrations of levitations, mind-reading and body language interpretation skills in the world!


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