Martijn Rijerse

Martijn Rijerse is from Hilversum,  Netherlands. He graduated architecture in Delft, and decided to pursue his hobby of sand sculpting for a few months and never looked back. This is his first year at the Sugar Sand Festival!

Melineige Beauregard

15+ Years Melineige Beauregard is our second female sculptor to join the pile! She will be traveling from Canada. Some believe sand sculpting is an art, some believe it’s a sport. Melineige believes it to be a spiritual experience.

Benjamin Probanza

Benjamin Probanza will be the first Spanish speaking sand sculptor to participate in the Sugar Sand Festival! He will be traveling all the way from Mexico!

Karen Fralich

Sculpting: 23 Years Karen Fralich is the only woman to win (twice!) the Sand Sculpting World Championship. Karen is originally from Canada where she enjoys listening to John Denver and being a proud cat mother. She also holds a black belt in Taekwondo!

Raymond Wirick

Sculpting: 25+ Years Raymond is our farthest traveling sculptor! He lives in East Kennett Wiltshire, U.K. with his lovely wife and two daughters! But don’t let the accent fool you, he’s originally from Jacksonville, FL! 

Steve Schomaker

Sculpting: 10 Years Stephen is the quietest sand sculptor at the Sugar Sand Festival. He is rumoured to be a silent Kung Fu master! 

Dean Arscott

Sculpting: 7+ Years Dean is our youngest sand sculptor. He enjoys living green and recycling in St. Petersburg. Besides sand sculpting, Dean is an incredibly creative musician and graphic designer.

Larry Hudson

Sculpting: 20 Years Larry Hudson is the sand sculptor to the stars. He’s met and sculpted for Jimmy Buffet, Joe Theismann, and Joe Maddon. He loves to golf, sing karaoke, and spend time with his son, but not in that order.

Dan Belcher

Sculpting: 26 Years Dan Belcher is our salty sand sculptor. He once carved a Frankenstein sand sculpture in his own likeness. Dan also co-owns a brewery in Wentzville, Missouri called Friendship Brewery.

Patrick Harsch

Sculpting: 20+ Years Patrick Harsch is no stranger to the sugar sand, he is the local Clearwater Beach sand sculptor. During the Sugar Sand Festival, Patrick requests homemade chocolate chip cookies, not store bought. He claims it helps with the creative process, but we think he just has a sweet tooth.

Mark Mason

Sculpting: 32 Years Mark Mason is the creator of Team Sandtastic. He’s traveled to many Caribbean Islands, Hawaii, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, the MidEast and all throughout the United States creating sand sculptures. Mark’s secret fun fact is that he doesn’t like chocolate!