What is Sugar Sand?

Imagine you are on the #1 Beach in America,
listening to thwhat-is-sugar-sande gentle ocean waves, taking in the sunshine, and sinking your toes into the soft white sands of Clearwater Beach. Sounds like a dream,
right? Lucky for you, it’s reality! Clearwater Beach is the #1 Beach in America! It’s surrounded by the warm gulf, boasts year-round sunshine, and has absolutely stunning “sugar” sand beaches. But, what exactly makes Clearwater Beach so unique? And, why do we call it “sugar” sand?

Sand color and consistency is determined based upon what components the sand is made of. Corals and shells control the texture and color of sand. Most beaches in Florida are made up of quartz crystals mixed with coral and shells. However, this is not the case on Clearwater Beach!

Clearwater Beach’s sugar sand is one of the purest and whitest sands anywhere in the state of Florida! This is because sugar sand is primarily made of quartz crystal and contains barely any shells and/or coral, giving it a colorless tone and a “sugar” like feel. The sparkling quartz crystals that cover Clearwater Beach originally came from the Appalachian Mountains, washed down into rivers that led to the Gulf of Mexico, and were swept onto the shores of our pristine beach.

And best of all, when you sink your toes into our sand, it’s cool to the touch! No shoes required! Come leave your footprints on Clearwater Beach April 14th-23rd, 2017 during the Pier 60 Sugar Sand Festival.